Pet Insurance for your Springer Spaniel

You may want to seriously consider taking out Pet Insurance for your Springer Spaniel. As they are such an active breed, they are prone to accidents and illnesses, especially as they are a pedigree breed, they are not as hardy as their mixed breed cousins.

In my opinion, Pet Insurance is all part of Springer Spaniel health.

I am a huge fan of these policies, mainly because the first dog I owned, when I left my parents, had a serious stomach illness at 9 months and the bill came to $3000. We had to rush him in to the vet on a Friday evening, having potentially eaten one of my socks. He had to have a series of tests overnight which indicated that he may have a twisted gut, which can kill. So they operated first thing on a Saturday morning and it turned out he had swallowed the sock.

It was covered immediately by the policy, and to this day I still have not paid out that amount in renewing his premiums.

More recently George has had a couple of scares, from a potential tumor on his foot that needed to be removed to a serious viral infection that made him very snotty and puffy in the face. Each visit clocked up to a large vet bill that the insurance covered.

However as your Springer gets older the insurance does become more pricey and at some point it may be worth making that decision that you would not put your senior springer through treatment or surgery and let them slip away quietyly. My Mum has recently done this with Mungo as he is between 11 and 13 (he is a rescue so we don't really know) and she has decided that should he fall ill or have an accident she would not put him through any treatment.

So she has canceled her pet insurance policy (which had become pretty expensive as he was now an old dog) and she now has saved the money she used to pay out each month in premiums and this should cover any minor treatment he may need in his remaining years.

Shop around, it's a competitive market and there are lots of sites out there to point you in the right direction. In my opinion it is well worth the investment, but I am biased after that early shock.

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