Please Be Aware of Lymes Desease in your Springer Spaniel

by Don
(United Kingdom)

One fluffy springer  spaniel

One fluffy springer spaniel

To all who love springers.

My story is factuall and I`m glad to say has a happy ending.

In 2009 we went to Scotland for a summer holiday.

Before going we took our Springer Spaniel Nell to the vets to get some Frontline Combo to protect her from Ticks, also purchasing some manual tick pullers to iradicate any tikcs we saw on her body.

We had three gloriuos weeks of walking and climbing the lochs and mountains of Scotland and Nell loved it, always remembering at the end of the day to give Nell a thorough tick inspection and remove any that we found.

Three weeks after the holiday we went for a walk with Nell and noticed she was limping on her front left leg, after about two hours she started to limp on her hind quarters and got very listless very quickly.

By seven that evening we suspected LYMES Disease I phoned the vet and she was rushed to the surgery.

All the time we were wondering how could this happen as we had taken every precaution we could have.

We had bought FRONTLINE COMBO that was supposed to kill ticks and as a backup we were pulling ticks out manually.

Well to cut an agonisingly long story short. We did get Nell better and she did get well. Despite it costing fifteen hundred pounds,thanks to Insurance.

My main reason for writing this is solely to make people aware that using FRONTLINE COMBO is no protection against LYMES DESEASE.

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Mar 25, 2010
by: Joe Turner

Thanks for the heads up Don. We've been using Frontline on our Sally for about 7 years now, unaware that it's not a fool-proof method of killing ticks. Have heard some horror stories from friends and your experience sums it up. The wife is panicking now, because we are going away in a few weeks. I suppose we just have to be extra vigilant, bit of a worry though.

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