Protective Springer girl

by Allie and Ally
(Springfield, MO)

I have a 3 or 4 year old female

Springer who I just recently rescued. When ever I sit down on the couch, she'll come lay on my lap, but when either of my other two dogs come around she growls and snaps at them.

When she's on the ground and I'm walking around she's constantly under my feet and jumping on me. she's a huge licker too. but she doesn't growl or try to bit my other two dogs when she's up walking around. I don't know how to stop her growling and biting, i've tried distrcting her with treats and bones, but then she gets possesive of the treats. I'm afraid she is going to get hurt or they are going to get hurt. How do I deal with this over needy-ness and her aggression.?

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Feb 16, 2012
Update on Ally Girl NEW
by: Anonymous

Ally has completely stoped snaping at my other dogs. It took a little while but I think she is finally used to them. One thing that really help her to get socialize and used to being around other dogs is taking her to a doggie day care to play. The only time she gets real possesive is if she has a bone or a toy that she really likes. Thanks for all your help!

Oct 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

also when she is growling and snapping when she is on your knee just get up and walk away she will come to realise that when she behaves like this u move away as for her always being where u are and under your feet thats springers for you that why they are known as velcro dogs :)

Oct 11, 2011
Possessive ESS
by: Anonymous

Hi there

Personally I think she thinks she is top dog amongst the others and she wants you all to herself.

I wouldn't use the treat method as she may be worse as she may think she is getting rewarded for snapping.

Personally I would say a firm 'NO' and then make a fuss of your other dogs, whilst reassuring her that they are ok and they are no threat.

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