Springer Spaniel Puppy Chewing

Puppy chewing is going to happen, what I aim to try to do here, is to reduce the effect of it on your home.

Springer Spaniel Puppies chew from about 8 weeks old to about 20 weeks. The reason they chew is just like babies, they are trying to alleviate the discomfort of new teeth coming through their gums. Chew on your favourite pair of shoes or sunglasses gives them a welcome relief from this.

Spaniel puppies are notorious chewers and, in my experience and opinion, there are three ways you can reduce destruction.


1. Always have a chewing toy available as an option for them, make it more irresistible than your shoes by finding one that you can fill with food. An example of this is a Kong, a rubber toy that can house a treat, pictured here.

A puppy is far more likely to chew that than your shoes, especially if he thinks there is a treat in it for him! George has his own favourite chewing toy, which is a stuffed toy pheasant, as you can see below. Fidget has a floppy cow although she likes the kong when I fill it with treats

2. Exercise on a regular basis. If you can tire your Spaniel puppy out with exercise and play, they will be too tired to get into mischief, let alone chew on your furniture. You really should not be taking puppy Spaniels on long walks (40 minutes plus) until they are older. This is because their bones are still developing and you might cause lasting harm to your puppy. Instead taking the puppy for 2 or 3 short walks a day. With lots of play and obedience training, puppy chewing can be reduced as they have less energy to destroy. I did say that Spaniels' require lots of exercise!!!! Hopefully the photo shows the end result.

Springer spaniel with toy

3. Finally the one thing I would highly recommend if you have a persistant chewer is to get a bottle of Cintronella spas. This can be bought from any pet store. Its natural and harmless to your puppy, but you spray it on your furniture, electrical wires and all her favorite chewing spots and the taste means she will never chew it again. I have used this with Fidget as she really liked to chew electrical wires and it worked a treat.

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