Raw Dog Food, Good or Not for my very active Springer Spaniel?

by Sasha Hoffmann
(South Africa, Pretoria)

I have been sharing the concern voiced by a lot of other members. My Springer is also very thin. He is 1 1/2 years old and he has been neutered. He does not look emaciated and he is full of life, his coat is also glossy. But he only weighs about 18.5 kilos. Is this ok or not? Most sites say this is not enough but I am not sure.

I have read the advice on dog food recommendations but as I live in South Africa, none of them are available in my country. He is on a raw dog food diet since it is the only thing that has helped with his sensitive tummy. But now I am concerned as he is not putting on weight (he isnt losing any either though). I do agility and obedience twice a week and we go for walks atleast twice on top of that but increasing his food only increases his activity levels. I have a large property so when we aren't exercising he runs and jumps and chases things all day.

Any advice would be appreciated especially any other people from South Africa who can maybe recommend food available here.

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Jun 03, 2011
Pet Food
by: Anonymous

You can feed your dog Orijen (80% meat, no grains) or Acana (50% meat, oats). It is now available in South Africa at specific pet shops. Much better than brands bought from the vets.

Oct 08, 2010
Raw Dog Food
by: Anonymous

It sounds to me as if your pup is very healthy. He is lucky to have the exercise you give him and the space to romp and what sounds like an excellent diet. You say that he does not appear emaciated and that his coat is glossy. To me that says it all, a glossy coat is an excellent indicator of good health. He is at that gangly "teen age" stage when they are just all legs, and on the skinny side.
By the time he is two an a half or three he will start to fill out and get that more "Manly" look, even as humans do in their twenties.
It doesn't mean he will get fat, just a bit more solid, and his chest may widen a bit.
I think that you are setting a good practice for his life long health, and you won't have to fight the springer spread later.
Cathy H.

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