Hows my recovery going?

The gonads have been disconnected so how is my recovery?

Ok I am now really feeling sorry for myself. I am now disconnected from my reason for living but apparently I can now concentrate on being just a dog.

When I came round from my anesthetic I decided that I was not going to go quietly and unleashed my inner wolf and let rip this fantastic wolf like howl and let everyone know in the vet I was still a decedent from one even if my goolies had gone.

Then Grandma picked me up. I like being with Grandma she takes really good care of me and I don't get pestered by the one and two year old. So she put me in my bed with a blanket over me and proceeded to hand feed me my dinner - I could get used to it.

I was sorfe through the night but good old grandma stayed up with me all night and took care of me. She really is great.

Uncle mungo has been running outside and finding pine cones for me and bringing them back and putting them by my bed as he knows how much I love to chew and chase them.

So don't worry about me I am being very well taken care of

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