Rescue Springers - Introducing them to our cats

We're really delighted to be bringing home 2 rescue springers from the RSPCA tomorrow. We rescued 2 kittens in July and they're now very nicely settled into their new home.

How can we best introduce Alfie (male, 4) and Tilli (female, 3) into our family so that the kittens will remain happy?

Many thanks !

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Nov 21, 2009
Cats and Dogs
by: Michele

That sounds like it went well. I think you're on the right track. I would just keep an eye on everyone for a few days as each pet makes their own adjustment to their new family situation.

One thing I might mention is your planned 7 mile walk. 7 miles is a long way for a dog who isn't used to exercise, so I would just be sure I was familiar with their prior exercise routine before I embarked on that! Have fun and please post some photos of your new additions!

Nov 21, 2009
Night One in the "Springer" House
by: Anonymous

Thank you! We've survived night one in the "springer" house. The cats were very curious about Tilli and Alfie and whilst they have popped their heads around a couple of times to have a look, they've kept a fairly wide berth of them, especially as Alfie barked a couple of times!

We let the cats come up to us early this morning (they sleep downstairs and we let them come up each mornig for a cuddle when we get up to make a cup of tea to bring back to bed) and paid them lots of attention (as usual!).

Tilli and Alfie then had ball throw in the backyard for 1/2 an hour and are outside now, helping my partner garden before we take them for a 7 mile walk across countryside. We have canny collars for them as the RSPCA weren't certain about their recall ability (although they do play fetch very well and come when called).

As you say, it will just take some time before everyone settles into our new family.

Thanks again!

Nov 20, 2009
Cats and Dogs!
by: Michele

How sweet, two rescues! You are so nice!

I have 2 Springers and one very surly cat. Casey, our older Springer was 5 years old when we got Hobbes, also known as Mr. Surly. He was just a kitten and Casey was very interested in him. She wouldn't leave him alone for 2 or 3 days, but she was merely curious and never tried to hurt him. Last year we brought Sadie into the mix. She was a 10 month old Springer and the breeder told us she had never seen a cat. As soon as she walked in the house and saw the cat, she froze! He was actually sitting very nicely, which was unusual, but still he terrified her. She walked a wide path around him for a couple of days, but she became used to him and has never really paid too much attention to him. However, if either of the dogs bother him too much he has no problem setting them straight!

It's difficult to control cats, so I would suggest when you introduce dogs to cats you keep the dogs on a short leash. This way you have some control. Once you see how they react you'll have a better idea of what to expect. Good luck!

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