Rescued springer!!!

by vicky
(leeds uk)

I took in a english springer 2yr old bitch to live with us and our patterdale.

The dogs get on really well but the springer has.
1- latched strongly onto me doesnt listen to anyone else.
2- if i leave her she pee or worse.even after her run....
3-nervous around men.

Any ideas/advice would be gratefully recived...

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Nov 28, 2010
Time and constent care will sort it out.
by: Sue

Hi. I've just done the same and my rescue spaniel is also very nervous around men - I suspect his last owner was unkind. He is fine with me but did pee a lot around my partner - who could not be kinder to dogs. It has taken about 2 months for our new dog to settle in but he is now much better - he now seems to pee only if there is some sudden movement he has not experienced before, or a new person comes to the house - I think it is both nerves and excitement. He is now a much happier less nervous dog and I think the peeing will stop altogether given more time and consistent care. Good luck with yours!

Nov 22, 2010
by: Michele

First, bless you for taking in a rescue!

Being a rescue, you likely don't know her background. From what you've described I would say she is nervous around men and feels more secure around women, which is why she has bonded so tightly with you. And having lost her first home, she is scared and confused, which is probably the reason for the peeing. First thing I'd do is find an obedience class. Sounds like she could use some socializing and obedience training can't hurt either.

Secondly, walk her daily - in an area where there are lots of other people. A shopping center is a great place for this. Encourage other people to stop and talk to her. Even to reach out and pet her. Particularly men.

If she isn't already crate trained - buy a crate and train her. This will give her a place to go when she is nervous or even just tired. She'll have her own 'safe' place to retreat as she feels the need. Plus, crate training has many other benefits.

Finally - patience, patience, patience! Springers are great dogs and she will be too. With some love and time you'll be able to bring her around to a more outgoing dog that likes everyone. Good luck!

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