Sam, Sammy, Sammy-Doo the Springer that will be missed

by Lindsay Shannon
(Glasgow, Scotland)

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

Rescued from at farm at 18 months my dad appeared with this crazy dog that didnt just run everywhere at full pelt, noooo he ran everywhere at full pelt - in circles!

He slotted right in to the family and when nephew no1 arrived we were a bit pensive as he'd never met a baby before, he ignored him!

But as they both grew they were the best of friends, Sam instincively knowing his job was to protect this wee boy... and the next wee boy and girl that quickly followed! Afterall they were a great source of food ;)

He was so patient with them and they loved him, as did we all.

He loved a snuggle on the couch with me or a roll about play fight, he knew when he'd gone too far an his apologies were big slobbery kisses till you laughed.

He'd loved bringing the post or the paper to you and of all his toys he'd be happiest with an empty envelope!

As he was a rescue he was so grateful for a very loving home and huge family that spoiled him.. hence the name Fatboy!

Cancer took him away far too soon and after a major op in august it had come back bigger and badder on his liver we couldnt let him suffer again, it was time to say night night.

Night Night Sam, ill love u always and ill meet u at Rainbow Bridge in time xxxxxx

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May 11, 2011
by: Estie

It is so difficult - going through the loss of a "family member." The void is huge, and can never be filled, but getting Riley will help heal the pain. We lost our "Yogurt" in 2005. She was a liver and white springer. She had cancer, but lived to be 13 yrs old. It's still hard for me, but we have 2 rescues - Sammy & Cassy now. They are absolutely awesome! And we foster for the springer rescue here. Love those springers!!

May 06, 2011
thank you all
by: Lindsay

Thank you for your kind words it still brings me to tears to read this but i thought id update u all and let u know we've brought a new rescue ESS into the family Riley is 3yrs old today.
In no way is he s replacement but he's certainly filling a void.
He's settling in as well as can be expected it'll take time but as a family we've done it before, and given the opportunity we'll take rescue ESS forever!

Thank You all again xxxx

May 06, 2011
so sad
by: lynn26

So sorry for your loss. We have only ever lost one of our ESS (aged 12) and its still hard to think of her even after 2 yrs.

Think of him playing, running (in circles) and giving you all the love that he possible could as you gave him a life full of joy and happiness.

Its hard when we have to make the decision to let them 'forver sleep' but I always think that sometimes we only keep them going for our own selfishness as we don't want them to go and I congratulate anyone who make the decision to let them be at peace.

We knew when our girl Holly stopped wagging her tail then the time had come.

May 05, 2011
so sorry for you loss
by: Anonymous

I know your pain all too well. Its been since September for us and we miss our Millie girl. They are in a better place where there is no pain and good health is with them. I take comfort in the fact that we did everything we could to make her well, and then we did everything we could to make her peaceful. We are now just starting to think its time to add a new member to the family and bring some of that JOY back into our lives. Take care, and so sorry for your loss.

May 05, 2011
so sorry
by: Cathy

this is so sad but you can take comfort in the fact that he was spolied and you gave him the life he deserved. RIP Sam . sorry for your loss. xxx

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