Sickness and diarrhea in a springer puppy after a trip to the park

by Dave


Our new 3 month old puppy,Chester, has just had a bout of sickness first followed by severe diarrhea. We took him to the vet and he diagnosed "
garbage sickness" which he said is common in Springers as they will eat anything. We said that we had been taking him to Richmond Park in Surrey,UK and he said that he thought that he might be ingesting deer or geese faeces and that can make them very ill.

Someone else also told me that Springers are renowned for having easily upset stomachs.
Does anyone know if this is true and how we can avoid this happening again.
Thanks Dave.

Hi there
Springers are notorious for getting upset tummies but here is my Upset Tummy Guide that gives you advice as to what to feed them if this happens.

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Feb 02, 2012
If on the loose, you have to monitor them. NEW
by: Dave B

Our 2 Springer brothers who are 9 months old, love to raid the cat's litter box and chew on cat poo, which apparently contains much undigested proteins that appeal to the pups. Likewise, they love goose poop down by the lake during migration. Whenever this happens they get diarhea within 24 hours. Their stools also often contain bits of plastic wrapper they find around the house or outside. End result, is you have to monitor them when on the loose.

Jan 05, 2012
sicness in puppies NEW
by: louise b

Yep, springers are notoriously indiscriminate feeders and will eat anything. Sadly in this country, there are few places where there won't be rubbish around for them to find and make themselves ill on. It's a matter of balancing their need to run and explore and keeping them on a short lead in areas that are especially bad for rubbish....anywhere near a fast food outlet. Some owners even muzzle their dogs if they are known to eat really horrible things...dogs will feed on the faeces of other animals...horses, dogs, cats....not good. Try not to let this ruin your dog's exercise time or your enjoyment of him. Just be aware of the issue and supervise accordingly. It is worth noting that dogs can get quite sick through this indiscriminate feeding. Ingested plastic bags sometimes have to be surgically removed and rat poison is often layed down inappropriately. Make sure your dog is insured. It's a bit like having children.. a lot of time during the first year of life seems to be spent at the vets / gp. Hopefully, all for relatively minor things and all part if the learning curve. And like children, when a dog is really ill they go all listless and withdrawn. If he is sick, followed by diarrhea but ok in himself, the chances are it is something that he will just get through without too much veterinary support. I'm sure this web site will have advise on feeding rice when the dog has an upset stomach. Enjoy your pup. They can be hard work at times, but always worth it.

Jan 05, 2012
sick puppy after being in public park NEW
by: Anonymous

If your puppy has not had his full series of shots (usually completed at approx 6 months) he shouldn't be at a public park where he can pick up parvo or distemper from other dogs. Maybe in England they have shots that complete the immunizations earlier but usually it is a series of 4 shots 3 weeks apart.

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