six month old springer spaniel - underweight? Garden enough

Hello, my 70 yr old dad now has a 6 month old springer spaniel. They have a large garden and he runs about in it for a lot of the day. Folowing the 5 mins per month walking time rule at the moment, but am wondering if him running about all day like that will be wearing out his joints ? Realise that going for a walk OUTSIDE of the garden , with new smells etc is really good for his brain and am trying to instil this into the parents so that he doesnt miss out when he is older. Also with all the exercise he is doing he is bring off a lot of energy.

could anybody tell me how much food to give a six month old springer spaniel. You can see his ribs when he lies down and feel them when you stroke him. I always went by the feel them but not see them ethos.. would this apply to spingers too? How many times a day woudl you feed a springer puppy ? I always used to feed puppies every 4 hours but wondering as they only feeding him twice a day if it is enough or whether he should be having a third meal in the day as he is showing his ribs.

I have noted that they are quite different from the usual breeds mentally that I have worked with. And that they do seem to need a lot of mental exercie. Does anybody know any really good ways of working out their brain - training and sniffer finding any other good random games would be appreciated.

Thanks for the info!


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