Snowy Springers

Great its that time of year when we become snowy springers. I am sometimes not sure if I like when it snows or not. I think I have come to the conclusion that at first I just love the snow, it means greater scents on the ground and the ability to chase snowballs. Not forgetting how handsome I look against a snowy scene as you can see. snowy springers

However it does have its downside. You see our feathers seem to get coated in ice and and the ice balls then grow and grow the more I play in the snow. Then you have the problem of compacted snow in between the pads on my paws which can then expand and cause me huge amount of pain.

However, mum has found and ingenious way to prevent these things from happening and therefore increasing the play time I and the kids get in the snow. She rubs olive oil down my legs and my undercarriage and in between my paws and it stops it from happening.

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