Spaniel Breeding at 10 months?

by Harriet

Can my spaniel bitch have puppys? She is 11 months old and has just broke the 'tie'. My male is 20 months.

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Jan 29, 2013
mating NEW
by: The Landlady

we have a 3 year old male and may be inheriting a 4 year old female. We would like them to maybe have pups together in the future, once she has pups and is spayed should they live in harmony, or are we making a rod off our own backs.

Sep 07, 2011
Puppies having puppies
by: Carol Sampson

I'm sorry but your question is ridiculous. Your bitch is still a puppy herself; not fully developed or mentally able. It is totally irresponsible to allow her to be covered let alone go through with the pregnancy.
I have entire dogs & bitches who all live to together. The first sign of any of the boys taking an interest in one of the girls and they are seperated. An unplanned pregnancy is not worth the risk to the life of the bitch or the pups.

Sep 05, 2011
by: D

this is the kind of questions you ask before you buy a Dog.
to let a dog breed at that age is a stupid thing to do, it's still a pup itself.

it's also stupid not to consult a vet at the first instance, as far as I'm aware you only have a 48hr window to deal with the pregnancy.

if your not responsible enough to keep the dogs separated when the bitch is in season you really shouldn't be keeping 2 dogs.

Sep 05, 2011
Breeding your springer bitch
by: Patti

Your springer is not fully developed at 11 months old.
She should not breed until she is completely developed, usually after 2 years of age. She will not grow to her ful potential if you breed her to soon. That being said, she should have her hips and eyes examined before breeding to rule out ant genetic problems that could be passes on to the puppies. The male should be checked and certified as well. I have a 14 month bitch that I may
breed when she is old enough, but only if she gets her AKC championship first.

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