Springer Behavioural Problems

As an active breed Springer behavioural problems are not uncommon. In fact due to the different behavioural questions I have received on my FAQs page I decided to set up a complete section covering the different behavioural questions I have received and different guides I will develop.

I will be writing and adding more guides on specific issues such as pulling on the lead, separation anxiety and attention seeking Keep checking it out as I expand and add more content

Destructive Springer Spaniel Behaviour Your guide to prevent and manage destructive behavioural problems in your Springer Spaniel

Springer Spaniel Puppy Chewing They may be cute but they can cause a lot of damage. This guide will hopefully reduce the level of destruction to a minimum

Springer Puppy Biting One of the biggest problems that I get asked about on a regular basis. Its easy to fix and this guide will help you achieve and end to the problem

Below are the key FAQs I have received regarding behaviour issues.


My Springer Spaniel Bit me
Why does my Springer Spaniel not like me?
Aggressive Springer Spaniel
Springer Spaniel Growling
Springer who is aggressive over food
Puppy Lunging at kids

Out and About

Trouble getting my Springer Spaniel to come out for a walk
My springer keeps running and will not stop
Springer Eating Poop

Jumping up

Springer Spaniel Jumping up
Springer Jumping up

At Home

Springer Spaniel Who Steals
Springer who is chasing Chickens
Springer Bitch who pees everywhere

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