Springer Doesn't listen

by Becca

My just turned one year old bitch (mother was a springer and her father is a border collie) is very obedient in terms of tricks. However, when she is being bold she doesn't listen and thinks it is a game. I am stern enough with her and I show the signs I am annoyed. My other dog, a king Charles would be very well behaved and goes to bed if he was being given out too.

My pup also has trouble concentrating as she has so much going through her head with so much energy. She knows she isn't allowed to eat from the table or to eat from my other dogs bowl but when I have my back turned she does it anyway. How can I make her not do these things ? and to learn even when I am out of the room she has to be good as well
The picture is of my king Charles and my springer x who was only three months old in that picture.

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