Springer Grooming Tools

Springer Grooming Tools are needed to make the job of grooming your Springer easier.

When I groom my Springer I groom for their health and comfort not to a show standard, so the tools I have are functional and not for showing. They don't cost a fortune but they perform their functions very well

Thinning Scissors

Springer Spaniel Scissor

These are one great investment when buying tools for grooming. I use these all over George, for his ears, feathers, chest and undercarriage. They give the trim a seamless layered look that ordinary scissors just cannot achieve.

Springer Grooming

Blunt End Scissors

These are great for trimming in delicate areas such as in between the toes, so that you do not hurt your Springer.

I have to say that I cheat and don't buy the proffessional blunt scissors, I use surgical scissors that are exactly the same but cheaper.

Fur Stripper

Stripping Knife

These are a personal choice. If you want to strip dead hair from your Springer this will make the task easier than pulling the fur out with your hands.

I use these on Geogre for his ears and the dead hair he gets around his tail and hind quarters. They make the job much easier than doing it by hand and the finish is very neat indeed.

Grooming Glove

Grooming Glove

This is a great brush for a midly moulting spaniel, I like these because they are very good at massaging your springers skin and that is excellent to keep the fur in tip top condition as the blood circulation to the hair folicles increases.

Rubber Gloves

Grooming Gloves

This does seem like a strange one, but they are great for removing hair during the moulting season. Check out my Moulting Guide which gives you photos of how to use them.

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