springer keeps biting himself

Our springer is 9 years old and has started biting himself mainly his legs he gets flead and wormed often and has clean new bedding oftern too please help he has sores all over his legs is this normal?

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Oct 15, 2015
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Dec 15, 2011
Springer biting leg NEW
by: Betsy Kiehl

I have noticed my springer has just started this. There are alot of reasons for this behavior...allergies are not the only reason unfortunately. Oh if only it were that simple. It can be stress, boredom (in active breeds like springers) and lonlieness....etc. I have noticed that my springer does it in my absence. When I come home from being away, her leg is always worse. It can be treated with antilicking ointment (which tastes bad and discourages licking), etc. Not a bad idea to consult the vet in case of allergies, though.

Dec 15, 2011
Leg biting NEW
by: Jenny

Unfortunately, springers can be very prone to food and other allergies - this can cause them to lick, scratch and nibble until they get very sore. Might be worth checking this out with the vet?

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