Springer killing my chickens

Hi, i have a nearly 2 year old bitch, who I have bred, i have her mother and grandmother too. I have chickens, quite a few of all different breeds, and run about 20-30 free range, the other dogs are completly fine with the chickens, are of no threat what so ever. The chickens roam wherever all around the property, by the kennels etc and it would be difficult to serperate them.

The problem stared about a year ago when I must of accidently not shut her kennel door properly and when I returned I found she had killed on e of the chickens, because she was young, I passed it off as a one off. The problem is I admit partly my fault for not double checking when I shut her away but it has happened many times now due to the same reason. Whenever she manages to get out of her kennel and noone is there, she goes on a killing spree, and if left to it longer enough will eat them. what I can't understand is that when I'm working at home the chickens are all around us and she never even so much as looks at them, is a very well natured pet, very obeient doesn't do a thing wrong. I don't want to get rid of her, but am wandering if I can do something to try and make her not like this? I know the answer is always make sure her kennel is shut, I even have multiple locks on the kennel, I sometimes think my neighbours who do't like my chickens let her out, but I really don't know what to do

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