Springer Pack Leader - Act like a leader

If you want to show your Springer you are the Springer Pack Leader, you need to act like it. Have an air of authority around your Dog. Cesar Milian aka the "dog Whisperer" talks of having positive energy around your dog and I really agree with him.

There are certain ways that an Alpha dog will behave to reinforce this status.

Move out of the way!

Springer Spaniel

Not you, your Springer. Springers have the "I will stand in front of you so you will notice me gene", you know the one,where you turn around while holding a something and trip over them. Well we tend out of habit to move around our dogs - BIG MISTAKE!

Your springer should move out of your way. The act of moving out of your springers way shows deference to your dog and promotes them to being more important than you. Your dog should always move out of your way, no matter how stubborn they are. Even if you have a stand off, shift them out of the way, you are letting them know that you will not stand for it.

If you have to, growl in a low deep voice, they will then get the message, don't challenge my authority.

Arriving Home

excited Springer Spaniel

When you arrive home you have the bounciest craziest dog who is so overwhelmingly happy to see you. So what do you do, stop drop everything and say hello and make a big fuss of them.

Again you are putting them first. You must ignore them - I know I find it sooooo hard. But it is for your Springer Spaniels benefit. Once your Springer has lied down and has relaxed , you only then go and say hello. This sends him the message that you are the Springer Pack Leader

Going out of the door

This applies to any door, your Springer should wait for you to go through first. The best way to start this one off is when you are about to go for a walk. If he tries to run out of the door before you, pull him back on the lead, stand at the door and only when they are behind you, do you walk out the door.

If they walk through a door in front of you, correct them with a loud noise such as AH! then tell them to get behind you, then go through the door. When they follow behind you, praise him. He will get the message and feel much more secure knowing he is at the bottom of the pile and you are the Springer Pack Leader


Excited Springer Spaniel

This is really tough, but affection must be given to your Springer on your terms and not their terms. If your Springer comes up to you and is looking for fuss and attention, don't giveit to them. Once thy have settled and are no longer asking for a fuss, only then do you make a fuss of them. Again its about giving him the things he wants but on your terms, as you are the Alpha dog.

Belive me as hard as it may seem it is worth it, Springers can turn in to terrible attention seekers and if you don't enforce attention on your terms quickly then they can start attention seeking, which can be irratating at best and destructive at worst.

So once again, ignore those big Spaniel eyes, and think about what is best for your Springer - knowing you are the Springer Pack Leader.

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