Springer Puppy Biting

Puppy Biting

One of the most common things I get asked is how to stop springer puppy biting. This is something that affects almost everyone who has owned a springer spaniel puppy.

If you are experiencing this with your springer spaniel puppy, don't panic. You do not have a vicious dog, what they are doing is completely normal and very easy to manage. To stop it you have to understand why they do this.

Why do puppies show this behaviour?

Just like human babies springer spaniel puppies are exploring and learning about their world. Now babies mainly use their hands for this and then put things in their mouth to explore their new world, puppies just use their mouths.

They also use their mouths when playing with their litter mates, its how they bond play and learn about the heirarchy within their pack.

However rest assured that this is perfectly normal behaviour that you can correct very easily.

How to stop puppy biting and licking

If a puppy bit its mum or litter mates too hard they would yelp very loud and stop play or walk away so the puppy learns very quickly just how hard they can bite. You need to do the same.

Step 1: In a high pitched voice yell "Aiyyyyeeeee"

Step 2: Immediately get up and walk away, no eye contact, nothing

This teaches your puppy that this behaviour leads to an end in attention.

What you must not do his hit them or shout at them. In some odd way the physical contact and the words is almost a reward as they are getting your attention, removing your attention is the best way to hit home that this behaviour is simply not acceptable.

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