What to do if you have Springer Rage Diagnosed?

So you have had Springer Rage diagnosed by a professional, what should you do next? The first thing I must say is that you shouldn't panic. If the professional has not given you some sensible advice on what to do in this situation, I would like to say that there is plenty that can be done.

You don't have to give up on your Springer Spaniel and you certainly don't want to start reacting to just one opinion. Just like you would do if you were diagnosed with a threatening condition, you should seek a second opinion. To do this I would recommend that you find a vet that specializes in neurological conditions to ensure that the original diagnosis is absolutely correct. The vet may wish to carry out more tests such as a brain scan or other tests to try to verify the condition as Springer Rage. These are going to be expensive and if you don't already have it, you should not underestimate the importance of Insurance for your Springer. Although it must be pointed out that even proper tests, like those mentioned above, can be inconclusive. As mentioned on my Springer Rage page, there will always be the possibility that your Springer has been misdiagnosed as having dominance aggression issues, which could be mitigated by proper training and reinforcement of the Springer Pack Psychology.

What to do in your Home.

Of course the first thing you should ensure is that your Springer is never left alone around children or vulnerable adults, and that visiting adults are aware of the condition and how best to treat your springer spaniel as a result. As a mother of 2 young kids myself, I would say that if you have young children you should seriously consider your options with your Springer Spaniel; as much as I love George I still wouldn't completely trust him and the children to be alone together, regardless of bringing Springer Rage into the situation.

If your plan is to keep your Springer, then you should consult a behavioral training expert, your vet should be able to advise you on one near to you who will have experience of this area. The trainer can help you and your family with a strategy to manage his condition and ensure you maintain your dominance over the dog.

As Springer Rage can occur when a Spaniel is woken from a deep sleep, you should set house rules so as not to approach the springer spaniel while its sleeping, and you may wish to consider the use of crates for your Spaniel while they sleep.

If you have had Springer Rage diagnosed, you may be asked to change your hypoallergenic foods that are high in Omega 3. I have some recommendations for you here on my dog food page

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