Springer Rage Syndrome

Springer Rage Syndrome, Springer Rage, or Rage Syndrome are just some of the names associated with this behavioral condition that is known to affect English, Welsh, and Brittany Springer Spaniels.

What is Rage Syndrome?

Springer Rage

Springer Spaniel Rage is a very rare behavioral problem that has been reported in a variety of breeds, but especially in Springers, hence the common name - Springer Rage Syndrome.

It is where the dog suddenly attacks or shows uncharacteristic bouts of aggression that are totally out of character, it is thought to be caused by some form of epilepsy but this theory is yet to be 100% proven.

When I say it is very rare, I mean it. Many people think that any show of aggression from their dog is down to Rage Syndrome, but more often than not instances of aggression in the springer is merely down to dominant behavior and the Pack Psychology not being enforced within the home, and poor levels of training and discipline being enforced.

How do you differentiate between Springer Rage and a dominance aggression issue?

Springer Rage often manifests itself when the Springer attacks for no apparent reason; the dog can even be asleep and then attack without warning.

The dog's eyes become dilated and glazed over, or can even sometimes change color during and after an attack. The Springer is disorientated when attacking and may not respond to any attempts to stop it.

The attacks are very unpredictable and the dog will often appear confused afterwards, unaware of it's actions, then return to it's normal self shortly after.

It is clear that the dog has no control over what it is doing when it attacks like this.

If your dog is attacking or being aggressive in certain predictable situations, such as with other dogs, this is a dominance issue and you need to reinforce your role as the Dominant Alpha and enforce a strict training routine.

What are the causes of Rage Syndrome?

Despite several studies, and plenty of research, there is still no definitive answer as to the causes of Springer Rage. There are theories that focus on it being a form of epilepsy, or a canine form of schizophrenia. It is thought that it is due to breeding, but there is no definitive test that can be done, which is why it can be misdiagnosed. Reported cases have thus far only been found in the Show line, not in Pure lines of Field bred springer spaniels. Essentially if you are concerned about Springer Rage in your dog, seek medical advice immediately, but you must enforce the Pack Psyhcology within your home to reduce any dominance aggression.

Springer Rage Diagnosed My complete guide to what you can do as a family if your springer spaniel is diagnosed with this condition Read about one Reader's experience with Springer Rage.

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