Springer Saniel with an obsession with shiny objects & lights

by Beryl

My Springer is a lovely kind gentle dog and has a wonderful nature. In most ways he is a lovely perfect boy but ......

He has always been obsessed with shiny sparkling thing ie if the saucepans or cutlery glasses etc or watches catch the light it will send him into a frantic lunatic in the summer the midgies that show up in the sunlight will just keep him transfixed. He would spend hours chasing anything bright or shiny and flies round the kitchen. He is very hyperactive I have to give him time out in his crate to calm him down.

Has anyone tried or had success with using herbal remedies or Bach Flower to calm their dog. I would be grateful for your comments

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Comments for Springer Saniel with an obsession with shiny objects & lights

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Dec 06, 2016
shadow and light chasing NEW
by: Anonymous

My springer puppy ate rocks. It was not a problem until he consumed 50, when a sitter left him aline outside (I left instructions to take the dog out only on a leash). After an expensive surgery and healing process he is now shadow and light chasing. I am at the end of my rope. I exercise him, train him and have food games. He is still shadow obsessed. Help! He has only been doing this about one month. I don't want ot to be permanent.

Aug 18, 2015
OCD with shiny objects but also reflections/shadows NEW
by: Julie

Hello, I was very interested to read about your springers obsessive behaviour as I have a 3 year old who has the same problem but also obsesses over shadows and reflections. She will sit on the sofa and just watch what looks like nothing for ages wagging her tail and is totally focused and it is impossible to break her focus. In the garden she will chase round and round for hours and will not stop herself, she just does not know how to relax.
Did you manage to come to a conclusion ?

Mar 07, 2012
Thanks for Reply NEW
by: Anonymous

Sarah many thanks for entering your response, my boy become obsessed with bright & shiny light and objects when he was very young. We had not realised when we were sitting in the garden one afternoon that he was chasing the light my husbands watch was making.

That was it he became hooked. As you say I make a concious effort to keep shiny objects away from him but if he sees me get saucepans out or I take my reading glasses out of the case, the sunlight shines through the windows on walls then he is there straight away watching and waiting.

I guess you are right you just have to minimise it as much as you can. I rang the breeder to ask if his parents had this problem and she said they did not, but his mothers sister had a pup that was obssesive in this way. So is this problem in the genes?

Mar 06, 2012
My dog to NEW
by: sarah

Both my dogs had this. try ur hardest to not show anything shiny or light, he will forget about it. And whatever u do, DO NOT get a laser pointer, nor let them ever see a laser pointer.. Ur dog will get OCD. My golden had it. For a month straight did nothing but look for the light. So he will forget

Jan 27, 2012
Obsession with all that is bright & shiny NEW

Thank you for your comments - maybe the "time out" bit I mentioned was misleading this is only when he gets over excited nothing to do with the obsessions.

He has 3 walks a day one of them a long walk across the marshes and fields the other two about 30 minutes. We have an acre and a half of land and he plays and spends time outside. I always use a dogmatic head collar which is fantastic.

Its the obsession with bright shiny objects which has always been a problem, and I had read an article which suggested the use of Bach remedies for obsessions - wanted to know if anyone had tried it. I have kept dogs for 30 years but never had one with this obsession with sparkly bright objects. Any suggestions gratefull received. Thanks

Jan 27, 2012
Time Out? NEW
by: Sasha

I am a little confused with the concept of giving him a time-out. To me it sounds like he just needs more exercise. How much exercise is he getting? If he is not getting a walk everyday this may be a much better start than herbel remedies and medications.

If he is getting a long walk or jog everyday then I would suggest trying the "good behavior calming collar". The collar releases pheromones that help calm the dog when it is anxious or excited. I have used it on my dog when moving or other stressful situations and it works very well. It doesn't affect his attitude or makes him seem dopey in any way and one collar will last for a month and often it doesn't need to be repeated as the dog will have had time to adjust and stop the unwanted behaviour.

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