Springer Sleeping

Springer Sleeping arrangements are an essential element of creating the right pack mentality within your home. To place yourself as the leader of the Springer Spaniel pack you must sleep at a higher level than your dog. No matter how tempting it is to curl up in bed with your furry friend, I would not recommend that you sleep with your Springer Spaniel in your bed.

In the wild the Alpha male and female sleep at a higher level than the rest of the pack so if you have him at the same level it sends out a confusing message that you see him as your equal. Setting the boundaries in the bedroom with your dog will save any confusion in your dog's mind about where he sits in the pack.

I allow George to sleep in the bedroom if he likes, but he is never allowed on the bed. The closest he gets to it is to put his front paws on the side of the bed to see if I am awake. At that point I am usually playing dead because once he realises that I am awake, then he never leaves me alone.

Where should they sleep?

Where you place his bed for his sleeping is also important. I recently learnt from a dog trainer friend of mine that I was placing a huge burden on George as his bed was downstairs in the hallway. He therefore felt that as the front door was in his line of sight that he had to protect the home. As a result he never really relaxed.

Springer spaniel asleep

So we moved his downstairs bed in to the living room and he has become far more relaxed. You see I am still learning all the time with my Springer as well.

In fact the results were so good I moved his upstairs bed away from the landing and abdicated him from any responsibility of guarding doors, he is much more relaxed and less nervy when he hears noise outside the house.

What about the Childrens rooms?

I would always say never leave a dog alone with a baby or small child, so if you want to keep the door to their room open and the dog out then put a safety gate in front of the nursery.

For older children as lovely as it may be for them to have the dog sleep on the childrens bed bed, again I would advise against this. You have to reinforce to your dog that your Children are far more important than he is, so if you let the dog sleep on the childs bed this will confuse the dog and even lead the dog to perhaps challenge your children.

If you can set the above boundaries for your Springer Sleeping arrangements along with the other key elements of the pack you will have a relaxed and settled dog.

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