Springer Spaniel aggressive to small dogs

by Della Louise Leslie
(Hampshire, UK)

I re-homed a 3 year old springer bitch....she is a total love but has an issue that is totaly unlovable!

She seriously dislikes small dogs and I can not trust her not to attack them, this is unpleasent to say the least.

I worry in case she caused harm and the small dog owners really don't like it one little bit. I don't know all of her history and so I can't say what may have started her agression towards small dogs.

She is a slightly nervous girl and doesn't like change, not even if I move a piece of furnture!

She is fine with people and is very gentle in all other ways. She also is frightened of noises that are loud, very frightened of bangs and alarms.

She has a very vivid imagination and can be afraid of her own shadow....When she is very anxious she stinks too..

I love her dearly and would like her to be happy.
any ideas out there?

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Sep 07, 2011
Attacked a puppy
by: Magpie36

My springer bitch(6 years old)just attacked a young labrador puppy this morning on her daily run at the local lake. It was awful. I put her on the lead to try and restrain her but the puppy kept coming and coming until eventually the owner came over. The owner was OK but now I worry that every time I am there now, that she will point out our springer to others as being dangerous. She started doing this a few years ago everytime a dog came near me, but never to this extent. I know it's probably a protective thing, but I seriously don't know what to do. Please help. Afraid to go on my daily runs with her again.

Aug 06, 2011
agressive springer
by: Anonymous

My boy used to be quite aggressive towards some dogs, could never predict which ones - I have been taking him to gundog training classes (which are outside) and there he mingles with 10 or so other dogs, he has improved a lot and so has his confidence. I don't want him to be a gundog, but his and my relationship is so much closer and he listens to me so much better since we have been going

Aug 06, 2011
My strategy
by: Tamar

My landlords' springer that I am taking for walks is also exactly the same, but she also dislikes all other dogs, not just the small ones. I think it started when a labrador puppy arrived in their house and eventually she took over her space. I think she associates every other dog with her loss of privacy, territory and independence. Though she is OK with that Lab. She is absolutely gorgeous, incredibly sweet and playful. So, I found a strategy that works. EVery time when I take her for a walk and there is another dog, I immediately take out a treat, run toward the other direction and call her for the treat, So she chases me for the treat and forgets the dog. That is the only thing that worked. I also lectured her a lot about the other dogs who are sweet and she should not be biting them and she listened to it as it were, but it lasted only for 2 walks. The treat method however, works every time.

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