Springer Spaniel and Cats

by Maria

I have an 8 wk old Springer spaniel male puppy called Paddy he is adorable !!

I also have 2 female cats aged 5 ..any tips on introducing them to each other Paddy seems very keen ..but the cats don't.

I am giving the cats as much attention as i can so they don't feel left out ...any tips ?? Maria

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi Maria
Congratulations on your newest addition, welcome to the world of Springer Spaniel madness.

Your cat will need to gain new confidence around Paddy, especially as he is such a lively breed and cats are not great with excitable quick movements.

Its usual for cats to react in a defensive aggressive manner around a new dog in the home such as hissing and swiping, but with time and management this can stop.

Make sure you never leave them alone together until your are 100% confident that nothing will happen. Try doing the following to achieve this.

1) Ensure both your cat and springer spaniel have space of their own so they can have time out from one another and make sure that the dog knows not to go in there so its a haven for your cat whenever they need it.

2) Give each of your pets one on one attention at certain times so no one is left out

3) To introduce them make sure your cat is settled in a room that both will be using in the house such as the living room. Not where your cat sleeps as this needs to be neutral territory

4)Then make sure your cat as an escape such as high up on a scratching post, oh and make sure the windows and doors are closed so they can't get out.

5)Now bring in your springer spaniel, your cat will leap to safety, which is fine. Stay there with your Springer for about 5 min then take him out of the room
Repeat this exercise until out of sheer nosiness you cat wants to investigate.

7)Try to give treats to your cat to so they build a positive association with the dogs presence and food

8) Separate both at mealtimes.

I hope that helps, let us know how you get on and good luck

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