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You may be thinking about getting a puppy, but how do you go about finding reputable Springer Spaniel Breeders and what should you be looking for once you find one?

My first comment would be that you should not be thinking of going to a pet shop. These days very few pet shops sell puppies. Even if you do find a shop that does sell puppies, my own personal view is that there is too much risk that your springer spaniel puppy may well be from a puppy farm. No reputable breeder will sell their puppies to a pet shop, as they have no control over where their puppies are going. I would want to know what type of family my dog's puppies are going to and a good breeder will always care about the environment that their pups go to. In fact good breeders want to keep in touch with their past puppies as they care about them.

Never buy a puppy online, although you can certainly do your research and look for one online. Always attempt to visit some springer spaniel breeders to see where the puppy is from.

How to spot a Puppy Farm

Given the bad press that puppy farms have, no one is going to tell you that the Springer Spaniel puppy you are looking at was bred in a puppy farm. Some of these terrible breeders will go to great lengths to fool the prospective buyer. I have heard of stories of puppies being put into a litter in with another bitch to try and trick you in to thinking that it comes from a loving responsible environment, so be on your guard. If you see pups with their mum, and mum looks completely disinterested then she may not be their mum.

Puppies from puppy farms are often not socialized and are very fearful of the family, so trust your instincts when you visit the home of the puppy you are looking to purchase.

You are also more likely to get a hard sell, a reputable breeder wants to know if you are right for their pups, but puupy farms just want a quick sell.

How to spot responsible springer spaniel breeders?

Firstly, and as I say on my Puppies page , don't be afraid to ask questions. Good springer spaniel breeders will not be offended, in fact they will be glad to know that you care, and should feel that their pups are going to a good home.

I remember searching the Internet and found George online with a breeder about 50 miles from our home. I remember calling him and having a chat about George. The breeder told me that he had 4 phone calls from prospective buyers asking the question "what is an English Springer Spaniel ?" He told me he just put the phone down. There was no way he was going to sell them to people who knew nothing of the breed. The fact that you are reading this means that you are interested in learning more about the breed and doing right by your Spaniel.

Some other questions that you may like to ask prospective springer spaniel breeders are:

1. Are they Kennel Club Registered? It will not guarantee they are a good breeder but be suspicious of anyone who is not.

2. Did the person selling the puppies breed them themselves, and make sure you see them with their mother and the rest of the litter if possible.

3. Is the breeder involved in Springer Spaniel activities such as showing, working or agility, as responsible breeders are usually actively involved with the breed. They tend to breed for their passion of the breed, rather than for money. In our case George came from a working mother.

4. A good breeder will be prepared to take the puppy back at anytime. The breeder will want to ensure the wellbeing of the puppy and the mother at all times.

5. How old will they let the puppies leave their mum? Anything less than 8 weeks is, in my opinion, too young for the puppy to be away from the mother and is irresponsible.

As you should not be afraid to ask questions, do not be offended if you feel that the seller is also interviewing you. Any responsible breeder will want to ensure their puppies are going to good homes that can provide all that a Springer Spaniel Puppy needs. I remember when getting George being almost interviewed to see if, in their opinion, I was good enough for George. Fortunately I managed to show that George was going to a good home and that I was prepared to give him enough exercise and training. Other breeders may not wish for their puppies to go to a home where the owners are going to have leave the puppy on its own all day whilst they are at work. If you feel that you are in this situation, then I would suggest that a Springer Spaniel is not for you. Once I had proved all of this, I was able to take George home. Yay.

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