Springer Spaniel chewing and just general behavior problems

Our 19 month old Springer has just started chewing,if it isn't electrical wires its fireplaces.

I've bought anti chew sprays that dont touch it and food filled kongs that last the whole of 2 minutes.

He was crated but out grew the crate and also got very protective in there as thats the main reason we brought him out of it.

We are really at our wits end with him, he was castrated last month and we were hoping he would calm down a little bit , when we buy him a new bed it lasts only a few moments so now all he has is a plastic bed ( which makes me feel awful).

We also had a fantastic run built for him last year he goes in it and just constantly barks which isnt going down with the neighbours to well.

Please if anyone has some helpfull adviceit would be very much appreciated x

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi there
you mention he has a run, is that the only exercise he gets? In my experience destructive behaviour at this age is down to frustration. These are incredibly active intelligent animals and they need at least 40min exercise twice a day where they can run, explore and sniff. If a springer gets this they are channelling their energy in a postive way. If they don't get this then they can become destructive.

If you are unable to provide this then I would suggest you employ a dog walker, as this is what the breed needs

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Mar 03, 2011
Chewing Springer.
by: Anonymous

Hi, He is walked twice a day but with the lighter mornings coming hopefully we will be able to take him for a longer run and let him off his lead as weallknowspringerslove to be off the lead , Thankyou for your advice though x

Feb 28, 2011
Hyper dog
by: lynn

I agree with Anna and was just about to suggest the usual crate, shew sprays etc until I read your post completely.

I find that if ours haven't been out for a really big run they cause trouble but if they have had a 30 min run through the woods they are much calmer and tend not to eat pens or chew my daughters toys (which they always love).

Also they are intelligent so what about training them in the house. I know some people don't like their dogs doing tricks like 'paw' or 'roll over' but I find that ours enjoy it and they get rewarded to it too.

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