Springer Spaniel eating other dog's pooh

by Jude

When Buffy walks on the lead she'll constantly try and eat other dog's pooh if she finds it on the pavement or roads around us. She doesn't eat her own. I've taught her "leave it" and she's pretty good with this if I spot the up & coming pooh. She'll "leave/drop" other unsavoury items quite easily.

I live in London and there's loads of people in my area who just don't clear up after their dogs (drives me nuts). And I can't always spot it in advance.

Once she has the pooh in her mouth, "drop it" regularly goes out the window and I have to either dig it out of her mouth or if I'm too late, just hope and pray that she hasn't picked up anything nasty.

She doesn't do this in when I let her off lead in the massive parks near me (most days). Nor has she rolled around in fox or other dog's pooh.

She's nearly 9 months old. Gets loads of exercise (on and off lead) and mental stimulation. She's on the RMB/Barf diet.

I searched the internet this morning. Some sites suggested giving her pineapple and putting tabasco on other dog pooh. The pineapple I can handle and have done this morning. The tabasco, well if anyone sees a woman out late in London tonight sprinkling tabasco on the street ... you'll know it's me!

Other sites have said that she'll grow out of it.

Any, any suggestions really appreciated as am worried that she might pick up something nasty.

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Aug 15, 2010
by: Estie

Sammy eats other dog's pooh, but not all the time. It's just when we are out walking. I've noticed that during some seasons, it is worse than at other times. During the summer time, he doesn't do it. We try to catch him....and you're not alone...I've dug alot of it out of his mouth!!

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