Springer Spaniel elbow micromovent advice


I really hope you can help me as I really dont know what to do. I wrote to you a while ago regarding Jerry my two year old springer. At first I thought he had hip dysplasia but after months of looking into it, x-rays, scans, vitamins and the rest the vet has told us that Jerry has micromovement in his elbows.( I have tried to research this on net but no joy) He said that he needs both his elbows pinning, this would mean six weeks of complete rest after the op, this means in a cage!!!. The vet said the reason they pin the elbows is to prevent fractures happening, but even with the pin in he could get a fracture and in around five years the pins would need replacing. A few weeks ago Jerry could only run slow but now he seems alot better and is running a lot faster. Jerry is in no pain and does all the normals things like jumping, going up the stairs ect. Some times he limps and other days he doesnt at the moment he isnt limping at all. I really dont want to put Jerry through all this if he doesnt need to and my partner seems to think Jerrys body hasnt finished growing. I dont have a gut feeling on this one and I am finding hard to come to a dission, all advise is welcome PLEASE HELP.

Ps Jerry is on cod liver oil and Glucosamine vitamins

many thanks Katie & Jerry

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