Springer Spaniel Grooming

If you are looking to keep your Springer healthy and happy, then a proper Springer Spaniel Grooming routine is essential, otherwise his fur can quickly become matted, especially behind the ears.

Check your dog on a regular basis to make sure that no mats are forming, paying particular attention to their feathers on their legs and the fur behind their ears.

Springer Spaniel Grooming

If you can, try to brush their ears and feathers on a daily basis to ensure that they are kept in good health.

I have created a series of grooming guides to help you keep your Springer Spaniel looking fabulous. However the grooming I do is not for the show ring, it is for practical and aesthetic purposes. If you want to learn how to groom for showing, you need to speak with a professional groomer and get them to show you how to groom your Springer to show standards.

Springer Spaniel Grooming Tools

I have pulled together a guide to the basic tools you need to keep your Springers coat healthy. There are a variety of tools, brushes and scissors on the market and you may wish to try a variety of these out before you settle on your own grooming kit but, as a guide, here are my prefered tools that I have used for years on my Springers:

A Guide to Springer Spaniel Grooming Tools

Grooming Springer Spaniel Ears

It is essential to groom your Springers ears on a regular basis if you want to keep your dog healthy. You need to brush their ear fur regularly checking for matts and burrs, you will also need to trim them. With this in mind I have put together the following article:

A Guide to grooming your Springers Ears

Grooming your Springer Spaniels Leg Feathers

All Springer Spaniels tend to be mud magnets and yours is unlikely to be the exception. One place where mud always seems to collect is on their leg feathers. Leg Feathers however also perform the function of keeping your Springers legs warmer in the colder months. So I have pulled together a guide on grooming these feathers for both winter and summer months:

A Guide to Grooming Springer Spaniel Leg Feathers

Grooming your Springer Spaniels Tummy

As your Springer Spaniel attracts mud, you will want to keep their tummy fur fairly short as doing this means that the fur will dry quicker and therefore your dog will carry less mud into the house. So I have put together a quick guide on keeping their tummy feathers short:

A Guide to Grooming Springer Spaniel Tummies

Bathing Your Springer Spaniel

I cannot write a page on Springer Spaniel grooming and not mention bath time. My George absolutely hates bath time - although he will happily jump into streams and ponds whilst out for his walk. I've already said that all Springers will get muddy on a regular basis, so I have written a guide to keeping your Springer shiny and clean, and you dry at the same time:

A Guide to Bathing your Springer Spaniel

Removing Moulting Hair from your Springer

Spaniels do have glorious coats, but these glorious coats can cause you problems when they start to moult. How you manage this should form part of your Springer Spaniel Grooming routine. Below is my guide to dealing with moulting fur and you may be surprised with how I deal with it, and what I do with the fur I collect afterwards!

A Guide to Managing Moulting Springers

Clipping your Springer Spaniel

As mentioned, Springer Spaniel grooming should be focussed on your Spaniel's feathers and his ear fur. Should it get too long, you may need to clip it. I tend to use pinking shears to cut George's ear fur, as it gives them a natural layered look, the same with their leg feathers.

However some people say that you should never clip a Spaniel's fur, and only ever remove dead fur, as their coat can become wavy and course if you clip it. You need to decide what is right for both you and your Spaniel. If you are at all worried, take him to a grooming parlour that specialises in Spaniel grooming.

If you would prefer to trim your Spaniel yourself, try and find someone locally who knows what they are doing. This way you can get a practical demonstration to ensure that you know that you are managing to groom your Spaniel's coat just right. You can't learn this from a book.

Removing dead hair

Now and then you may notice your Spaniel's hair looking lifeless. This is usually dead hair that needs to be stripped or plucked out. Best to do this to your Spaniel from an early age, as Spaniels who are not used to this process are not happy when you try it for the first time!!

A Guide to stripping your springer spaniels fur

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