Springer Spaniel Health

Springer Spaniel health should be at the forefront of any owner's mind. As with any pedigree dog, Spaniels do have health issues that they are prone to, and owners should be aware of what they need to do to keep their Spaniels in the peak of health.


Always ensure that your Spaniel is registered with a local vet. Ask around among friends and family to find out which vet they use, as a good vet is essential to maintaining your Springer Spaniel health.

Springer Spaniel Health

Find a vet that you feel you can trust and can visit on a regular basis as you should ideally ensure your Springer receives check ups twice a year; of course puppies and older dogs should be seen on a more frequent basis. Also ensure that your Spaniel is up to date on all their immunizations to protect them from harmful diseases they can pick up.

Immunisation Guide Here is my guide to the vaccinations your springer needs to keep him safe.

You may want to look into taking out Pet Insurance to cover your Springer Spaniel health costs in an emergency. I speak from experience here, having been to the vet for surgery on George.

You should also ensure that your dog is regularly wormed, especially if there are kids in the house. I tend to give George a clove of garlic once a month and this is very effective at keeping the worms, and any potential fleas, at bay.

Conditions that can affect Springer Spaniels

There are a number of conditions that you need to be aware of that Springers are prone to. Below is a list with links to guides.

A Guide to Hip Dysplasia in Springer Spaniels This guide aims to help you understand the causes symptoms and treatments available to your Springer Spaniel to manage Hip-Dysplasia.

A Guide to Congenital Eye Problems in Springer Spaniels Springers are prone to congenital eye problems, here is my guide to these conditions and what you can do to guard against getting a Springer with these problems

A Guide to Springer Rage Syndrome Is an often misdiagnosed condition due to the fact there is very little known about this condition despite plenty of research.

I am in the process of developing this at the moment and I am adding more content every day so keep coming back to check as the list grows to help you keep your springer spaniel health in top condition.


Guide to Recognising and Removing Ticks from your Springer As the spring and summer months come in, your dog will probably be prone to ticks. You will often find ticks when stroking or grooming, your Springer. It can be tricky to remove ticks safely so I have written a full guide for you to help you to spot and remove ticks safely from your Springer. This guide is essential for your Springer Spaniel Health .


Worming your Springer Spaniel should be part of your regularly health maintenance. Check out my guide to why and how often to worm your springer spaniel.


Spaniels' ears are prone to infections, therefore you must monitor them on a regular basis. I have written a guide on keeping your Springers ears in top health providing you with helpful hints and tips. Guide to Keeping your Springers ears healthy Grooming your Springers ears on a regular basis is key to keeping your Springers ears healthy so check out my guide to grooming their ears. Guide to Grooming your Springer Spaniels Ears


To keep your Springer Spaniel Springing for longer I have created a guide to Springer Spaniel Supplements to help you navigate through the sea of nutritional supplements to ensure your budget covers the best additions to their diet.

Tail Docking

A contentious issue but I have pulled together a guide to Springer Spaniel Docking to help you understand why springers are docked and when we should and shouldn't dock their tails


The correct feeding of your Spaniel is essential to ensure your dog stays in tip top condition, especially as Spaniels can be prone to stomach problems. Finally, exercise is a key part of keeping your dog healthy and happy, check out my exercise guide to keeping your springing friend happy.

Springer Spaniel Health FAQs

Below are the Springer Spaniel Health related FAQs that I have received so far, you many find a question you want to ask being answered.

I don't think my English Springer Spaniel is drinking enough
My English Springer Spaniel loves chewing sticks and eating the bark - is it safe?
Am I over exercising my Springer Spaniel?
Springer Spaniel with a tummy upset

More Dog Health Websites

Finally for more information on dog health, try these websites listed below.

Dog Illnesses and Symptoms - Safeguard your Springer Spaniel's health with this great website. Learn more aboutup-to-date common dog illnesses and their symptoms, as well as available conventional and, where applicable, alternative treatments and home remedies.

Dog Health Handbook - Good source of information on dog health care issues and the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of common canine diseases and conditions

Dog First Aid 101Learn how to prevent and treat injuries, illnesses, and poisonings before something unbearable happens. You can save your dog's lifewith dog first aid.

Ask A Veterinarian

Ask a Vet - Expert Answers to your Springer Spaniel Health Questions!

Ask a Vet

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