Springer Spaniel killing chickens

by Natalie

I have a two year old springer spaniel bitch that I bought nine weeks ago.

She is a fantastic dog and listens to my commands except when she sees a chicken and then she goes straight in for the kill.

I wonder if shes been trained to kill, the big problem is that I live on a small farm and keep free range chickens please try and help if you can as I would love to keep her.

From Anna@love-springer-spaniel.com
Hi there
This is a tricky one as springer spaniel instinct is to go after brsd, after all they are bred to flush them out.

Try training her out of it using a citronella collar but I would suggest talking to a dog trainer about this.

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Nov 07, 2011
2 ess that take after cats
by: mark

my 2 girls love to chase cats if they see one its off to the races, if they catch one its dead, my neighbor has several cats and to date 3 have met their demise, what can i do?

Sep 19, 2011
Springer killing Chickens
by: Emma

We adopted a then 3yr old male springer from the blue Cross. He's now 7, and today managed to get out of our garden into next door and has killed one of their chickens. I am really horrified by this. He is the most affectionate, docile dog with children and other dogs but when it comes to birds, he gets really excited and chases them etc. The Blue cross assessment of him at the time was that he can't live with cats etc (and he would chase them if one wanders into our garden). I'm really not sure what to do - could he be dangerous? would training help? I was calling him but he was too engrossed around the chickens but when I ran up to him with his lead - he obeyed me immediately.

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