Springer Spaniel Mixes

Springer Spaniel Mixes are created by mixing a springer spaniel with another breed. These have created designer or hybrid breeds, some are recognised others are not. However we recognise all mixes, we don't discriminate. If you have Springer in your blood you are very very welcome.

Your Springer Mixes

Below is a screenshow of all your springer mixes that have been submitted by members already, if you want to see even more Springer Mixes Click here

Offically Recognized Springer Spaniel Hybrids

The American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) Recognizes the following Hybrid Springer Spaniels:

  • English Springer Spaniel x Golden Retriever = Spangold Retriever
  • English Springer Spaniel x Lab = Labradinger
  • English Springer Spaniel x Old English Sheepdog = Springer Spaniel Sheepdog
  • English Springer Spaniel x Poodle = Springerdoodle

Springer Spaniel Mix

If you are considering a hybrid dog, research the characteristics for both breeds to be sure there's nothing in either parent breed that would make them an undesirable pet for you.

One of the greatest advantages you have in getting a Springer Mix is that they are less likely to suffer from the issues that pure bred Springer spaniels suffer from such as Hip Dysplasia, Springer Rage, Congenital eye problems and upset tummies.

On the whole you end up with a far more robust dog that will suffer less from health problems and may even live longer as they are genetically stronger that pure bred dogs.

However we are not stopping there. We want to see your Springer Mixes and what you have named them.

Show us your Springer Spaniel Mixes Here!

Do you have the most unique Springer Spaniel Mix?

Then submit a photo and introduce him or her to us. What is their designer name? Or are they already offically recognised like a Springer Doodle.

You can also update us on their adventures by adding comments to your page

See the other Springers Mixes

Click below to see Springers from other visitors to this page...

Alice--English Springer Spaniel, Boxer and Shih Tzu. 
She looks and acts like a Jack Russell Terrier. But I guess you would call her a Boxspringshi. Here is a pic of her when she was 10 weeks old. Now she's …

English Welsh springer mix 
I have a 3 yr old who loves the water / balls / walks, not a very good eater, very lean at 15kg, but nervous of noises and allergic to bees / wasps but …

English Springer Spaniel X Welsh Springer Spaniel 
My 12 week old cross has been called The Great British Springer Spaniel! Her name is Lucy, Bubbly and full of life. I was stuck as how to train her as …

Bailey Blue the Springer Doodle. 
We have a gorgeous English Springer Spaniel mixed with a Blue Standard poodle and he is the most beautiful dog in the world. He is black and fluffy and …

Sprocker (springer cross cocker) 
Izzy is my 9 month old sprocker! She loves going to the park, and once there she turns into a bird chasing pro! She loves to stretch her legs and swim …

Sprittney the Springer Mix 
English Springer and Brittney. Beautiful dog, excellent conformation, affectionate, easily trainable, active, and alert. She has the instincts of both …

English Springer x border collie 
Mo Chara (Irish for my friend) is extremely clever and energetic. She loves to play and would last for hours. She shares both traits from the English springer …

Border springer. border collie, english springer mix 
6mo old. Just got him yesterday. Seems skittish, nervious. New environment. He loves to be with me and my wife to the point we can' t be uspstairs …

Abby the boxer springer mix 
Abby is a boxer springer spaniel mix- we call her a box spring! We have the boxer mom who had a litter of puppies by the neighbors springer spaniel that …

Miniature Springer, Long-Haired Dachshund 
Loves to ride, loves to eat at burger chains, hates leashes, runs like the wind, gives kisses, is miniature mix. Said to be a long-haired Dachshund when …

This is Flurry. He was rescued and rehomed with us 4 days ago and already he knows his name and will sit on command. He's about 9-12 months and quite small …

Springer Mix Bernese Mountain Dog 
Max is 18 months old he is a cross between a springer spaniel and a bernese mountain dog,it happened by accident,he is a very unique dog,he is loved by …

Beowulf Bernese Springer Spaniel Mix 
Beowulf is half Springer and half Bernese Mountain Dog. It seems there was an 'accident' at a dog breeder and he couldn't wait to get rid of the pups. …

Alfie the Springer Cavalier Mix 
Loves to play catch and chase whilst out walking. Adores my 2 Grandchildren, and plays endlessly with the cats. Alfie has all the bouncability of the …

Bluto the Springerdoodle 
I just got Bluto from a foster home nearby. He is a springerdoodle. He one year old. I am not sure if this is the poodle in him or the springer in …

Mollie Bell the Brittany Springer Spaniel Mix 
This is Mollie, she is the best dog anyone could ask for. We are going through a little rough spot with her now, due to some adjusting she doesn't like …

Darcy the springer spaniel cocker mix 
He isn't owned by us, but our friend who lives across the street. We dog-sit Darcy when his owner is out-of-town. We call it "springer camp" because …

Lacey the springer spaniel Jack Russel Mix 
Lacey is a 14week old liver and white 3/4springer 1/4 jack russell. she looks alot like a springer except in the mouth when she is panting, then she looks …

Skye the springer spaniel labrador cross 
Skye is almost 5 years old and we call her a Springador. She is a cross between a Springer Spaniel and a Labrador. She has the lively enthusiasm of …

dougal th sheep dog springer mix 
Dougal is a old english sheep dog X springer. We got him when he was 5 and half months old He is now 7months old I have been on lots of sites trying …

Springer / Wheaten terrier mix Not rated yet
Our springer / Wheaten terrier mix Harry was the best dog a family could wish for. He was 13 yrs old when we lost him in October 2015 but he left us with …

My Beautiful Chica , sprocker  Not rated yet
she loves to chase creatures in the field, to swim and try and catch fish, she loves to sit in the garden and look for shadows and things that shine and …

millie(springer spaniel golden retriever) is a spangel Not rated yet
Millie is such a happy loving friendly dog needs to talk to everyone,when out on her walks ,loves to run and play with all types of dogs and never barks …

Holly the Springer x Lab mix Not rated yet
Holly is my 9 year old springer x lab. Her mother was a full bred springer and her father was 1/2 springer, 1/2 lab. She is the most friendly, loving …

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Jeager (pronounced yeager) Springer Basset mix Not rated yet
I have a Springer spaniel, Basset hound Mix, he is 8 months old right now, He loves the kids and he sleeps with me at night. But he cannot go outside during …

English Springer x German Short-haired Pointer = Short-haired Sprinter Not rated yet
He isn't quite as inqusitive as our full springer, but he is very affectionate and follows us everywhere! Every time you leave the room, he has to follow …

Darla the Rockstar Not rated yet
Darla is a 7 month old Springer Spaniel and Miniature Dachsund mix. She is spunky, intelligent and worst of all sneaky. However, she is very loving and …

Springer crossed with a Labrador Not rated yet
Jessie is our 3 1/2 month old springer crossed with a labrador. She is playful and at times a little bit naughty. Thats what we love about her. she like …

ozzy the Springer mix Not rated yet
He's a mix with a springier spaniel! Return to Springer Spaniel Mixes Return to Love Springer Spaniels Homepage

Pascal the Cluminger (Clumber Springer) Spaniel Not rated yet
Pascal is a Clumber Spaniel, Springer Spaniel hybrid. He is a sweet, lovable boy who enjoys cuddling and playing with his human and k-9 friends. At 14 …

Mia the Springador mix Not rated yet
Mia is a chocolate lab and springer spaniel mix who loves to clown around. She's loves people and playing with other dogs as well as getting tons of affection …

Polly Cocker /springer Not rated yet
My Puppy is the most beautiful lady brown roan, shes full of beans, very clever and easy to train so far!! Shes' learning not to pull on her lead excellent …

Jessie and Molly the Springer Spaniel Mixes Not rated yet
Jessie is a 7 yr old Springer Hybrid. She is a mix of Springer (show) and Springer (sport). She is a very "regal" girl and very laid back. Molly on …

Max the collie springer mix Not rated yet
Hi this is Max hes a spaniel and collie mix, he is 10 months old. We rehomed him 6 wks ago and he has settled in really well. He loves to be kept busy …

Boswell the Sprollie Not rated yet
He loves Swimming- used to leap out of our boat way out from the shore, but he always made it back! Return to Springer Spaniel Mixes Return to …

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