The Springer Spaniel Pack

Creating a Springer Spaniel pack in your home is often the key to a happy Springer.

Dogs are pack animals and, to ensure their happiness in your home, you need to replicate the pack and the pack mentality. By doing this it should be easier for your dog to understand where he sits in the pack order you create and, as a result, you should be able to understand your dog's behavior better.

Training should also be easier if you recreate the Pack mentality and you will have less behavioural problems.

Springer Spaniel Puppy

You must ensure that your dog is the lowest member of your pack, he must not think he sits higher than anyone in your family, especially any kids. You must assume the role of pack leader and enforce this daily, if you do, your dog will soon settle and will become very happy in a role of no responsibility within your pack.

If there is no clear pack leader within a family, instinct will make your dog assume the role to try and ensure his pack's survival. This will result in a very unhappy dog, who is either very aggressive or very insecure, because no matter what your Spaniel does, it won't be able to control you. Some of the signs you may see are that he will contantly bark at anyone approaching or entering the family home. He may take to marking the territory insided the house or showing aggression over toys.

To help you reinforce to your dog that you are the Alpha within the pack (ie the leader), I have created the following guides for you.

Springer Spaniel Pack Leader

You need to know how to act like an Alpha dog around your Springer, sending those everyday messages that you are the dominant dog will relieve your Springer of any responsibility

Springer Spaniel Sleeping

Where both you, and your Springer Spaniel sleep will send out status signals to your Springer, but it can also influence the responsibility your Springer feels for your family's protection as I found out recently.

Springer Spaniel Feeding

Where, when and how both you, and your Springer, eat will send a message to your dog about your respective positions in the pack order. By inserting these small rituals everyday into your routines, you are sending the message to your dog that you are the boss because you control feeding for the pack.


As a the leader of the Springer Spaniel pack you have to enforce discipline in your pack, your Springer Spaniel will look to you to do this. I would say the best way to do this is to be consistent, and every time they cross the boundaries grab them by the scruff of the neck, push them to the floor and growl. They should submit straight away, it's their way of saying sorry. A dog that knows the boundaries is a happy dog.

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