Springer Spaniel Pregnancy

A springer spaniel pregnancy usually last 60 days from the day of mating.

You should consider changing your Springer food when she is pregnant to one that has a higher calorie and nutritional content to ensure that she is able to feed her pups as they develop in the womb.

During the last month you will want to increase her food intake by one third as she goes through the final stages of Pregnancy.

You will find that she will want to urinate more as the expanding uterus reduces the amount of space available for her bladder, so make sure she can regularly go outside for pee breaks several times a day, especially in the final stages. Also always ensure she has fresh water to hand as she will need to drink more.

Vet Checks

During her pregnancy make sure she sees her vet regularly. About 4 weeks after mating take her to the vet for her initial check to see if mating is successful. Then once she is under veterinary care you can plan regular check ups through her pregnancy.


At about 8 weeks you may want to ensure that your bitch is properly trimmed around the rear ens and her undercarriage to make the birth and feeding easier and less messy.

Whelping box

You will want to have a whelping box ready at around 8 weeks. Ensure it is about 100x150cm and is nice an strong, with a whelping rail on all sides to avoid the pups becoming crushed. You will want to line it with newspaper.

You want to introduce your pregnant springer to the box at about eight weeks along in the pregnancy, so that she feels comfortable in there prior to giving birth.

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