Springer Spaniel Protection

Springer Spaniel Protection is becoming an area that you really do need to be thinking about as an owner. Springer Spaniels are amongst the most sought after breed of dogs by theives, as they are very desirable for breeding and sell very well as either pets and working dogs. There have recently been some high-profile thefts in the UK and Ireland and this guide may help you to protect yours. Before I go any further, I want to be clear that this is not me scaremongering merely trying to make fellow springer owners think about the protection of their lovely family members.

So we have put together this guide to allow you to ensure that you have taken every precaution to keep your Springer safe. I have written a seperate guide to give you advice if your Springer Spaniel goes missing.

There are many things you can do to help find your springer if it goes missing or to deter any potential dog nappers.

Protect your Springer Spaniel


This has to be a must when thinking about Springer Spaniel Protction, if your springer goes missing and is found, they are much more likely to be promptly returned to you once a vet or dog warden has scanned her for a chip. More importantly, if you have been a victim of theft, your stolen springer can then be proven as your dog.

Microshipping is safe, pain free and relatively cheap, but it gives you permanant peace of mind. Just be sure you update the details whenever you move house or change telephone numbers.

As many Springer spaniels are stolen by opportunists from cars, we have just created a car sticker that tells any would-be springer theives that the springer in your car is chipped. So for just a few pounds you can invest in this piece of springer spaniel protection and hopefully deter anyone scouting for opportunities to steal your beloved springer.

Springer Spaniel Car Sticker

Put a Collar and ID tag on your Springer

This is now a legal requirement in the UK, you must have a telephone number and a name on the tag. However I never put my dog's name on the tag but my surname as it makes it harder for dog nappers if they try to claim the dog is theirs and this makes up a key element of our Springer Spaniel Protection. If they don't know the dog's real name it is less likely to respond to them.

It also means that if your springer does get out, they can be returned immediately by the finder as your number is on the tag.

Another easy measure is to have "microchipped" written on the tag to further deter any would-be opportunistic dog nappers

Protect them in your garden

There are some dogs that are stelen by opportunists walking past the front garden/gate/door so, if possible, don't leave your Spaniel unattended out the front, let them play in the back, or make sure the front gate is locked.

Also make sure that there are no gaps in the fence that your springer can get out through.

Catalogue your Springers markings

Springer Spaniel Markings

Take photographs of your sringer now, these should show all of their individual markings so that you can really differentiate your springer from any others. This will help should your springer go missing or be taken, as you can point out the unique markings and features of your springer spaniel. This should make up a key element in your Springer Spaniel Protection.

You can see from this photo of George he has this wonderful narking of what looks like a Pheasant head. This is the type of unique markings you should try to capture and catalogue.

Change your Walking Routine

If you regularly use the same route or area to let your dog run free you should take care. Some theives will spot a dog they are after and watch your routine so they can steal the dog while out on a walk. So make sure you swap around your walk routes so that your routine is not completely predictable.

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