Springer Spaniel puppy chasing cats

by Anna

when he was 7 weeks old

when he was 7 weeks old

My springer spaniel is 11 weeks old and he can be nice to the two cats I have at time but other times he can be a real pain and threat towards them.

I dont want to get rid of any of them but since the cats were here first it would be the dog that has to go even though i dont want to leave him. I was wondering if you could help me with how to stop him going after my two cats as he graps a hold of them.
many thanks

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com
Hi Anna,
First he is a puppy so he is doing what is natural to him, however it can be addressed.

Make sure your cats have a safe place up high in the main room so they can get away from him when he becomes naughty. Also make sire that they have a safe place in the house they can escape to so they can have a time out from your springer.

Over time as your puppy grows up this should become less of an issue as your springer gets used to the cats.

Good luck

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Dec 16, 2012
Jenny NEW
by: Anonymous

My puppy is 13 weeks and he chases my two kittens that are 5 months and 8 months. The youngest kitten actually encourages him to chase her, the little devil. Both cats have high places to jump up onto if they feel the need to escape but they just lean over and bop him on the nose when he is trying to jump up to get to them. He eventually walks away but the kittens soon jump down again ready for the next 'game'.

He tries to get them to play with him by 'play bowing' and nipping in the air but they just bop him on the nose. If he gets too close for comfort or over-excited, they hiss and him and whack him hith their paw and he soon backs off.

When I get the treats out and they all eat nicely together on the floor so I know for sure that the kittens are not frightened of him otherwise they would stay clear of him.

May 31, 2010
by: Michele

He's a puppy and in addition to doing what comes naturally to him, he wants to play! He certainly can't hurt the cats at this young stage of his life and they are capable of fending for themselves. As he settles down and adjusts to his new surroundings it's likely he'll completely ignore them.

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