Springer Spaniel Recall

by Nicola
(Herts, U.K)

My springer spaniel is 3 years old & I've had her since a puppy, I have tried to teach her the recall but the minute she is off the lead she is off like a shot.

I have tried training classes & she ran off- they could only suggest giving her treats to get her back (she's not interested), toys to lure her back (she's not interested) me running the other way (she doesn't care if she can't see me).

I gave up the class after 6 months. She is fine in the garden she will return on command, play with toys eat treats etc but give her a wide open space & she is off.

She will come back after about 10-20mins, I have never chased her when she runs off & don't scold her when she comes back but obviously put her on her extending lead & continue the walk. Her extending lead is the furthest she gets from me even though I walk her through bushes & let her paddle in a stream which she loves but I would love to just let her off knowing that she will be safe.Is there something blindingly obvious that I can try?

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels

Hi Nicola
Sprinegrs really do know how to test us, this is a tricky one, short of going to a dog trainer who is clued up on springer spaniels I am not sure what to suggest as you have clearly beeen trying everything.

Have you tried the citronella collars, they may work, but I think your best bet is to to a gun dg trainer.

Good luck, I am sorry I could not give you more comprehensive advice, it sounds if you have one bold springer spaniel on your hands

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Dec 30, 2013
springer recall NEW
by: Anonymous

We have a springer that does the same. He's been to puppy classes and gun dog training but is still the same. We can get him to do everything to commands and whistle when he's on the lead, but off it he comes when he chooses!!! Its so frustrating that he will stand and look at you when you give him a command then go in the opposite direction. Any ideas?

Dec 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

I know this was ages ago, but did you ever get sorted? We have a working cocker with exactly the same problem. If you solved it- how!?

May 22, 2010
Fun way to teach a recall
by: GSLTC Trainer

I like to teach the fun game of touch with lots of rewards.
Simply present you fingers,(I like to use two fingers, as it is not a common hand signal for other cues), Your dog will most likely be curious and will touch your fingers. When they touch your target treat the touch. Do not add the touch cue until you are almost certain that it will do it 4 out of 5 times. When they are doing it pretty consistently, then add the cue touch when presenting your target. This will become a fun game for them with lots of rewards.
Start moving the target farther away, switching hands and positions. Increase the distance using the hand signal.
You will soon have a dog with a super fast recall that can't wait to get to you. Using this same hand signal, you can then change the cue to come. I taught my springer this way and he loved it!

May 20, 2010
Treats for recall
by: Nicola

Thank you for the suggestions so far. I don't really want to use the citronella spray as I'm not sure that she would associate that with not coming back. The treats I have used so far are liver (yes it is definately smelly), cheese, chicken and special doggy treats that she only had when she came back e.g in the garden or on the extending lead all to no avail. If its really a respect thing I think I know how she views me, yet she moves out of my way, lets me through doors first etc etc.
I think I may have to go down the specialist gun dog trainer.

May 18, 2010
Treats for Recall
by: Anonymous

Are you using really good treats? Such as slightly sauteed stew beef (because its cheap) and smells really good to them. Cut it in small pieces, its cheaper than pet store treats. I would say liver, because they really like that, but its just too stinky to carry.
Last nights roast beef. Dark meat chicken, duck.
You have to make the recall worth it!
Gun dog training might be good, but find a good trainer who doesn't insist on using any electronics.
Cathy H and Winslow in So Calif

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