Springer Spaniel Resource guarding turns aggressive

by Brenda
(Auburn, New York)

I have a 14 month old male ESS, that I've had since he was 5 months old. At about the age of 10 months he started resource guarding.

At first it was yummy treat items such as chews, but then turned into anything he decides to guard such as a stick, hole he's digging, his crate, etc. About a month ago he started just attacking dogs. It may be a dog that he had just spent the last hour playing with and all of a sudden he will cross the line to aggression. I teach dog obedience and also run a couple of 2 hour long play groups on the weekends, so my ESS has always had a lot of opportunity to play with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

I have noticed that the other dog is generally a male. I took him to the vets this week to rule out any physical cause and he did have a ear infection. The vet thought he was too young to have a thyroid problem, so no blood work was done. This is really upsetting because he can be such a sweet dog. Any ideas?

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Dec 29, 2010
Not an easy fix
by: TK

My Springer,Keeper, sounds just like your guy. I have work with 2 different behavioralist and he and I have completed intermediate obedience and a class for agressive dogs. I would say that I am definitely the alpha. He is a good boy and always obeys my commands. He will even stop in mid attack if I call him. But! if I turn my back on him for a second he will attack other dogs. He doesn't want to go outside unless my other dog goes with him, but then he will attack the other dog when they get outside. He was neuter when he was nine months old and we have been unable to find any health problems. I am still searching for answers. In the mean time I stay on my toes when other dogs are around. Other then the problems with other dogs he is a sweetheart and I love him like crazy

Dec 15, 2010
Resource Guarding
by: Estie

Is he neutered?

You need to be the alpha. This can be corrected. I did it with my Sammy.

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