Springer Spaniel Showing Aggression towards other dogs.

by Scott wilson

Hi just got my new springer spaniel today. He is a loving and adorable 6 year old make but when walking today I found him fairly aggressive towards other dogs, is this a common thing with spaniels or should I be a bit concerned?

My wife wants to take him out also for walks but is worried that if he does go for another dog she won't be able to control him. Is there something that can be done and if so what is the best way to stop this kind of behavior? All advise greatfully recieved.

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com
Hi there
This is not common with Springers, he may feel that he is the boss and that he has to protect you, so I would suggest that you read up on the Springer Spaniel Pack and the
Springer Spaniel Pack Leader to try and reestablish your role as the boss taking the role of protector away from him.

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Oct 12, 2011
Distraction tactics
by: Anonymous

I've got working Springers. Non are neutered. Sounds like lack of socialisation as a pup.
Go back to basics, you're dog should walk calmly to heel.
Use a slip lead. Don't let your dog lead. As soon as your dog sees another dog give the lead a short sharp yank to break any possible fixation. If necessary touch your dog on it's backside with your opposite foot again to distract it. Stay calm at all times. Train your dog to search and retrieve. Tire your dog out mentally every day and it will be calmer. Seek out calm dogs with tolerant owners and have your dog spend dig time with them. As the other person says look at droppingthe dog down to bottom of pack at home. Treat your animal as a dog not a human being. Hope this helps and good luck.

Oct 12, 2011
by: Michele

Is he neutered? Sometimes intact dogs, regardless of breed, will show aggression toward other dogs, particularly other male dogs.

You say is he 6 years old....do you know anything of his past owners / history?

Springers can be dominating dogs, if allowed to be. I would definitely consider an obedience class.

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