Springer Spaniel Supplements

As your Springer gets older you may want to start thinking about springer spaniel supplements. They are such an active breed that joint degeneration in their autumnal years is common and supplements can alleviate this problem and keep them active and lets face it happier for longer.

Springer Supplements

You may want to start them on their supplements for preventative measures as well. Personally I think that is a great idea. As a runner myself I take supplements to keep my joints from being injured and as George comes running with me it makes sense for him to take them as well.

So here is my guide to the best supplements to consider giving to your Springer Spaniel

Glucosamine - this is great at helping joints as it gives the cartilage forming cells the building blocks they need to regenerate and improve in function. I myself take this for my own knees, having had my knees rebuilt following an accident when I was run over by a car. Glucosamine does help me on a daily basis so it can also help your Springers joints out. You don't have to buy the vets version, dogs can safe;y take the human form that you can get from all good health food shops.

Cod liver oil- As with humans, cod liver oil can help Springer's joints as they get older. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the oil is helpful for conditions such as Hip Displasia and arthritis. Again I take this for my own knees and have given it to my older dogs.

Vitamin C - is great for helping the production of collagen and cartilage, so a regular daily dose can help relieve your Springers achy joints as well as keeping their immune system in tip top condition.

Perna Mussels - or green lipped mussels . The shells of these mussels contain high levels of glucosamine, and other joint generating products, that are helpful for achy joints.

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