Springer Spaniel terrible two's??

by Anna
(Dublin, Ireland)

I have a 2 year old springer spaniel and I have noticed in the last few weeks that he is starting to really act up. When I open the patio door he has run out the door and down to the main road which he never has done before. Ifg he did run out the door he would only run around the area of our apartment block. He is also starting to run off when we are out walking. He eventually gets back to me but goes much further then normal and even so far that he cant see us or we cant see him and he has again never done that before. Also, He travels in our boot of the car but has now started crawling/climbing over the back seats to get in to the main part of the car. Is this normal? Is he going through a terrible 2 stage? Is this him being rebellious? We have twin boys (14 months old) and he has always been treated as one of our own. He has never had a reason to feel left out or feel discluded. He is really one of the family so I dont know what brought this on.

Any help is appreciated, especially if you tell me he will grow out of it :)

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Sep 05, 2017
Jealous spaniel NEW
by: Val

Yes...we have a springer approaching 2 and he's seems to be changing in character. Perhaps it's our fault...we have spoilt him. He sleeps in our bedroom, sometimes on our bed, is allowed on the settee and chairs and is very rarely left alone. He gets three good walks a day, which include him running free in fields and moors and swimming in the river. Whenever we take him to friend's house or have someone visit us, he starts digging the carpets, or biting the corners of rugs and cushions and pulls at our clothes and hands biting quite hard. The other day he even grizzled at my husband who was trying to stop him misbehaving. We're now taking a firmer line with him and not spoiling him as much as he clearly is trying to control us.

May 21, 2014
Springer terrible two's NEW
by: Anonymous

My Springer is 2yr 6 mth. He has started barking at certain on lead dogs while he is off lead, barking at people if they come near him while he is in the boot and barking at people entering the house. Hopefully we will be able to train him to stop this behaviour .

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