Springer spaniel the runs off

by Sally Clark

We have a male springer (Bruar)who has not been casterated is 3yrs old, we had him at 8 months old, we have taken him taining lessons but we feel let down.

Bruar problems were pulling on the lead he is much better with that now, but his worst problem is running off when he sees a bird etc and won't come back when we call him, he has got him self in some real bad situations while doing this, last time pulled retractable lead out of my husbands hand and was gone, only by chance we found him wound up in a ditch by his head and would cetainly have died if we had not found him .

What can we do? we dont want to go on like this for the rest of his life not letting him off the lead, is he to old to change his bad ways? We love him so much he is a lovely dog so gentle and marvelous with my 4 gand kids. PLEASE CAN SOME ONE HELP US.

Sally Clark Bristol

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Aug 15, 2012
Springer runs off NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a younger springer and his full of energy! If you can't afford someone else helping you train your pup I would recommend Don Sullivan's Perfect Dog Training DVD's there's
A lot of helpful training exercises you can train any age dog
Here's his web address www.theperfectdog.com

Running off dogs is just one of his problem solving solution

It does work I own his two disc set and I'm glad I bought it!

Aug 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

These are working dogs who like nothing more than getting their 'birds'. Best thing I can say is get your training from someone who trains dogs to work; harness his natural insticts. If you don't intend to use him for stud, get him neutered but most importantly - you are the boss, get his respect!
Good luck.

Aug 15, 2011
Springer running off
by: Dawn

Hi there

I would recommend having him neutered too. Also - keep up with the training.
Have you tried whistle / clicker training? Also - have your tried distance training on the long line rather than the extendable lead.
My springer loves the birds too and the whistle is sometimes the only way to get his attention when he's off having a "moment".
You can start practising that indoors, when he's off doing something couple short toots on the whistle, when he returns to you click and treat.
Once he gets the hang of that - try outside on the long line so you have more control should he take off.
I would also recomend enroling him in some gundogs classes and harnessing his obvious love to work. If he's kept active and recognises you as the boss - he will be listening to you for commands rather than off in his own world.

Good luck!

Aug 13, 2011
springer runs off
by: Estie

You need to get him neutered, then he needs some "heavy" training. Our springers are like that, too. They are pullers from the word "go". You can train him to obey your commands. Don't give up!!

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