Springer Spaniel Training

Spaniels love exercise and they love to learn. Springer Spaniel training is a perfect way to do both at the same time. Spaniels also have a desire to please, after all they were bred as working dogs. Being from working stock also means that they are easier to train than some other breeds, so having regular and fun training sessions with your Spaniel should be rewarding for you both.

Training your Springer Spaniel can be done in a number of ways and this should reflect the role that you wish them to perform.

Training Rules Check out my guide to the rules of training your Springer. This helps you to get the most out of your training by ensuring consistency and the right mind set for both you and your Springer.

This will help you with any stage of training so check out the guide.

The Basics

Obedience Training is the foundation of Springer Spaniel training and the first and most essential element of training that every responsible dog owner should carry out.

Obedience training will give your dog the boundaries of it's new life. Check out my guide for more detail.

George loved his obedience training when we started and I still regularly ensure that he is given top up lessons when we are out. This reinforces the bond between us and reminds him who is the Alpha

House Training or Potty Training Guide Another thing you will be keen to establish with your springer spaniel training is House Training or Potty Training as it can otherwise be known. Here is my guide on how I achieved this easily and quickly with George

Working Spaniel Training

If you intend to work your Springer Spaniel then you will want to try gun dog training. Both obedience and gun dog training should be done from an early age and, as with all training, carried out on a regular basis.

Showing your Spaniel

If you are showing your Spaniel then your will need to ensure that they are trained to perform in the ring as well as having good obedience skills.

Agility training

Finally if you want to stretch your Spaniel on a regular basis, and get out and meet like minded dog lovers like yourself, then agility is an option. This is something that Springers love to take part in.

Other Dog Training Sites

Below is another dog training site that will help you in training your Springer

Dog Adoption and Training Guide A guide to dog adoption, choosing, caring for and training a puppy or adult dog to suit your lifestyle. About kennels, breeders, clicker training, dog breed profiles, health/medical. We present dog raising and ownership and the work involved so you can make good decisions.

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