Springer Spaniel Vaccinations

Springer Spaniel Vaccinations are essential to keep your Springer happy.

As with children I would advise that you vaccinate your puppy or dog against the key killers, that extra expense is worth the insurance that they will not be killed or maimed by there terrible diseases and is well worth the time and money.

There are five key diseases that you vaccinate your Springer Spaniel against;

Springer Spaniel Vaccinations

Distemper An extremely infections unpleasant disease that causes coughing, high temperature, nasal discharge diarrhea and Vomiting.Even with intensive care it is very difficult to treat an is often fatal.

Infectious Canine Hepatitis This virus damages the liver causing diarrhea and Vomiting an jaundice often fatal.

Kennel Cough A severe cough that is highly infectious that can lead to permanent lung damage.

Parvo Virus Common in puppies can cause heart failure and is usually fatal.

Leptospriosis a bacterial disease that affects the liver and kidneys and is often fatal.

You should begin vaccinations at 8 - 10 weeks, this comes in the form of two injections given 2-4weeks apart, followed by an annual booster.

If you are picking up your puppy from a breeder speak with them about getting your pup vaccinated before you bring the pup home. Alternatively if you are adopting an older Springer check that they have had their vaccinations.

If you have no history for your dog speak with your vet about how to go about ensuring they are protected.

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