Springer Spaniel Videos

Springer Spaniel Videos are simply fantastic.

We all love to watch our Springers, and how many times have they got up to something or done something that we wish we had had the camera to hand.

Below are a selection of the greatest Springer videos from YouTube. If you have any that you think I should know about let me know via the contacts page.

These Puppies belongs to one of our members

A very Cute Springer Spaniel Puppy video.

Here is George Springing in the fields set to music

Here is George searching for his ball

Now for his second appearance, chasing the ever elusive ball

This one is of Dixie and Shelby leaping a great height in to the water. I couldn't stop laughing

This one is very funny, a crazy Springer in the bath set to a very suitable but loud soundtrack.

I love this one, it shows us just how intelligent Springers are as Shelby manages to solve an unsolvable puzzle

A Fashion conscious Springer trying on new boots.

There will be more springer videos to come, so keep in touch with the changes.

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