Springer Spaniel who won't bring things back

by Kaz

My 20 week Bailey won't bring balls sticks slippers or anything back when he takes them he thinks it's a game just stares and keeps runnin off and no matter wot I say he won't bring it back . Help

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Ah the classic chase me game. By taking things he is instigating a game of chase, if he gives it back to you then the fun is over.

So you need to completely ignore him when he does this, almost turn and walk away. Then when he looks like he is coming back give him lots of praise and even more if he comes back. That way he learns that bringing things back equals fuss and fun and taking things means being ignored.

Good Luck

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Nov 21, 2011
Keep Away NEW
by: Anonymous

My 10 yr old Springer Chester is still exteremly bad for this. When he was a pup be would bring things back not a problem but the older he got the more he developed his own rules, to the point of going in my mom's purse and stealing her gloves out of it.

Aug 24, 2011
Try Trading for the Toy
by: Pamela

When my male, Eliot, did this as a puppy, I brought him treats he loved (liver treats or chicken) and traded him the treat for the toy. I'd catch his attention and say "drop it," and let him see the treat. Then he'd almost always drop the toy (because he IS after all a springer and food trumps all). And I'd give him the treat. After only a few times of this, he got the idea. He began to bring me toys and drop them for me looking for treats. I'd also sometimes "trade toys up" for his favorite toy, or a new toy. This habit of your springer is actually a good thing, because it gives you the opportunity to teach him "drop it," and/or "leave it." Good luck!

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