Springer Spaniel won't stop biting

by Beth
(USA )

I have a ten-month old male springer spaniel and he bites constantly. He nips and bites every time we greet him, when he wants to eat, when he wants to go outside, when I come back into the room...it's constant biting. I have worked with a dog trainer to try and correct the problem and nothing seems to help. I've also done research on my own and have tried many suggested methods to get him to stop, such as saying a loud "ouch!" when he bites, ignoring the behavior, putting him in time out in his cage, firmly covering his snout and saying, "no bite", and rewarding when he doesn't bite. He gets lots of exercise, I've switched his food to one with no additives, yet the problem persists. I love this dog beyond words, but I am really at the end of my rope. Please help!

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Aug 10, 2011
may be helpful...
by: Anonymous

How about the Cesar Milan technique, his books really explain this, well.. no talking but the "bite" with the fingers in the neck, this is something he does not expect most likely... I hope it helpes...

Aug 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I apologize, but i just had to laugh at the thought of using water as a punishment. I tried that with our seven month old ESS, and instead of it being a punishment, she LOVED it! She started biting the water, running around... so, water as punishment in our case is useless. The only thing we have found to work with biting - is "ignoring her" and showing her that biting = nothing. Occasionally she has to go in time-out (her crate), but ignoring her is starting to work more and more consistently. She HATES to be ignored.

Aug 02, 2011
Biting Spaniel
by: Anonymous

Hi there

Have you tried either a water spray with him or the correction spray to teach him no? That might help.
You could also try a remote spray collar - which sprays water. You can control it from a distance remotely so good if you see your puppy biting other people / things.

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