A Springer Spaniel writing write a blog I hear you cry?

By now you must be wondering how a Springer Spaniel writing a blog can happen and how he has managed to master the art of internet googling, let alone typing on a keyboard for a blog. You see I am not just a pretty face, although I am very handsome indeed.

Well you see I manage to get my human family to type it all up for me while I dictate from the comfort of my dog bed, as you can see. Every now and again I do come over and put my head on the keyboard, snort and check out what is being written but then I go back to bed, to lie there looking fabulously regal.

I have tried typing before, but my paws are a little clumsy, after all I am designed for springing not typing. But at least I don’t have uncle Mungo’s furry feet - yikes!!!!

In collaboration with my human family, I am hoping to show the world what life through a Springer eyes is like.

What has helped is that my mummy, Anna-Marie, has set up this great website which is devoted to all things Springer, so I had to get in on the act to make sure she does not get distracted by this website and forget about how gorgeous I am.

So until next time TTFN,

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